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Virnha's Story

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Virnha’s Story

Virnha is deep in thought as she sits in front of her house:

“Owh, why didn’t I stay at Wolf’s Dale. It was such a peaceful place after all. Here at Puma’s Valley they only talk about fighting, war, tactics, chosen and firstborn. They promised me rich lands, excellent views, very good food and a lot of drinks. And what did I get? A house of piles of wood and stones and the promise after war all gets as promised“, she is muttering sadly.

“After war….” she says ironically. “That war takes years already and it doesn’t seem to come to an end. Every day I see more wounded people and more young warriors eager to join in the war.”

“But still, what did the firstborn and chosen do to us? Once in a while I see some of them enter our village, but they look so cute sometimes”, she thinks to herself.

“At Wolf’s Dale the only problems I encountered where animals that got strange behaviour once in a while. But well, there I could go for a walk and have a look at the sunset. And I could gather beautiful stones and pieces of wood. I could make the most beautiful jewellery from whole Godgorrath“, muttering sadly as the memories of her old home came back to her.

She continues her muttering in a sad mood:

“And here? What can I do? Nothing. Only sit back and wait till this war is over.

It is so boring over here. If I only could make jewellery again, I would be a bit happier.

But wait. A lot of travellers pass by here every day and I see my husband Gudbrand having business all day.”

After she sat thinking for a while she muttered:

“I can make my own business here. Nobody wears beautiful jewellery on this Irselnort. I go ask travellers if they can bring me polished fangs. Then I’m going to make a lot of necklaces.

With my own business I will become a famous jewellery maker all over Irsnelnort, well maybe not all over, I doubt the chosen and firstborn will get to know about me”.

She happily walks back into her house to start her business and thinks happy:

“I will survive till the end of the war”.

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nice :good:

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