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many ppl remove from guild after got some guild points :facepalm: , plz Dev make this rule that if any guild leader remove any guild member then he lost his guild points too, bt guild lost only those points, those was collected by removed member so then guild leader will also know by checking guild stats that he was doing work hard for his guild fr lvl up or not..




a option where a guild leader check his guild member stats about his guild, like we see arena stats so per week quest done per month etc..



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I don't know about the suggestion, it's kinda meh could do with or without, but i suggest you get friends, form a guild and you won't get kicked  ;D (Don't get offended if you already have friends XD)

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would u post the guild name here so we know who the bastard :wacko:


My guess its wolfgang, they farm GP then kick people when theyre offline >:D
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