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The curse of Labyrinth.

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It`s in another account, I need the coins on Eu server :/

I`m just halfway done spamming arena over there x.x

Ps: I rerolled my Bd`s rings last time, put energy regen in both and got my second ring a critical dodge ^-^

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Thanks Lisa, next time you`re taking part aswell with a ghost story :D


Ooooh coooooool a 8 year little ghostgirl scare ppl off  :blush: :blush: :blush:




............... I hope  :pardon:

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"My brother and I have done well to control all these fools muhaha.. Ah, It is I the great Oko-Shaar telling my story of complete victory"


The group of Mountain people finally arrived at brothers lair. Judging by the looks of there facial expressions I could tell fear was growing when they saw brother, except for one of them. His eyes were as yellow as fire, his staff was glowing brightly and his cloths were remarkable thorned. He seems wounded, but strong willed and full of power.

The group of Mountain people spoke to brother: "We came here upon a request of Beranger, where can we find a creature called 'Oko-Shaar'?"

Brother answerd: "What business do you have with him?"

Mountain people:"Beranger commanded us to execute one of his creations, now tell us where he is!"

Khazh-Maar:"Ah master`s spirit commanded you to execute Brother? Muhahaha! I`m afraid I can let that happen! Minions, attack these filthy Mountain people!"

Mountain people:"Men, Arm yourself! Murder all of them!"


I watched the Mountain people fight back to back in Brothers lair. They were doing well, all minions were dead. Brother decided to put a end to it, he flooted toward a warrior wielding 2swords and used his power to blow him into pieces. Truely enjoying to see Brother`s power haha.. The Mountain people looked even more anxious.

"Why isn`t that shaman showing any slightest sign of fear?" I asked myself.

The mountain people decided to execute brother. The shamans start calling the spirits to aid them, giving them supreme healing abilities. The barbarian let a giant roar causing several minions to run away. "cowards" I said.

The mountain people fought Brother, there power was enormous, to great for brother I would say.

In the end brother`s shape began to glow, "brother, what are you doing?"

Brother replied: "You`ll see, preare yourself. They came for you"

I saw brother exploding, "why brother.. WHY!!!"


I looked upon the entrance to my lair, and I saw him. The shaman, I spoke to him "You came for me didn`t you?"

He nodded, did he lose his tongue?

I asked him: "It`s rude to enter someone house and not introducing yourself, tell me who are you?"

He spoke to me in a calm way: "My name is Maleshaman, My task is to put an end to your mind control and to destroy this 'home' of yours"

I replied:"If that`s the case then let`s get started, minions ATTACK!"

My minions ran towards him, and he just stood there looking around him.. what is he going to do?...

Suddenly I felt a tremendous power coming from him, was he controlling something? ..!"minions, look out! The floor is collapsing!"

It was to late, an earthquake caused the floor to disapear with my minions.. What am I gonna do!

The shaman walked slowly towards me. "How in the name of the Spear did he do that?!"


"Don`t come any closer! I`m warning you!" He simpely ignored my words. "Alright then, you leave me no choice!"

I casted my dark magic and hit him pretty good, unfortinately it didn`t seem to do much.

"Damned, He`s really strong" He walks closer to me and his Scepter began glowing heavily, I feel an tremendous power going from his body to his scepter. Before I knew he set off an earthquake, causing the ceiling to collapse right onto me.

"U...u..ugh... who ever..you are... You`ll never.. kill..me argh...


He looked down on me and put his hand on my eye, then he laughed and said: "Muhaha, look at you Oko-Shaar, You think you can defeat me in your current state?"

He`s right.. I couldn`t possibly defeat him. Unless..


He spoke to me: "You kno my name right? Do you kno where I come from? Well do you? No? let me tell you where this body came from"

That body came from? What`s he talking about.

The shaman took of his costume and showed me his face.

"this body once belonged to someone, untill Master beranger murderd him, he made me from the spirits of 100shamans,rogues and barbarians. I was suppose to be his strongest creation, untill he created you and Khaz-Maar"

I replied to him:"so your a creation of Beranger aswell? Why do we not kno you then?"

He replied: "I left Master to join the Mountain clans to fight off elfs, in meanwhile I never heard from master till shortly. You and your brother murderd master in his sleep, therefor judgement is coming. Now close your eye."


I felt an tremendous power coming again, was this it? am I going to die? no!

Suddenly I could move my tentacle again and I grabbed the shamans throath.

I spoke to him "You fool, You killed my brother, and you expect me to die aswell!? Take this you fool!"

I ate his body to absorb any piece of power he has.

It was over.. finally I could rest again.

"Ugh, I feel like having a bad acid.. wait.. My body, it..s.. glowing!?

No! It can not be!"

Suddenly I saw a scepter sticking out of my body pointing at my eye. The light was even brighter then the sun! and before I knew I felt like I was blown away... or better said like I was dead.


Maleshaman:"Coward, trying to choke and to absorb my power. I have no mercy for you, now begone.. EARTHQUAKE!"


The whole Astral Labyrinth started to tremble and collapse.

Maleshaman:" My task is completed, I shall return to master"

The end.


like i mentioned earlier I was part of a Roleplay community for six years and this is what we did we created storys of fantasy with words I must say this is awesome.. I would love to read more maybe the actual cteation of the shaman by berengar..keep me updated bro
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"The land had begun to become shrouded in its usual Perpetual darkness, clouds above conceal what would have been a mesmerizing night beneath the stars. Distant shrieks of wildlife could be heard through the silent night. Thefaa could be found knelt upon her left knee before a freshly manifested.campfire the radiant heat felt upon tender flesh had caused a slight coat of sweat to taint her brow though slightly uncomfortable she pushed the hindrance away aware of the dangers the land around her concealed like that of a rouges weapon. Earlier that evening while observing from the safety of a group of trees thefaa had witnessed a party of mountain clan headed towards the gate to the astral labyrinth, though not unusual there was one from the party that stood out,as a druid herself she felt the presence of immense power as she layed eyes upon this male. His gait.was confidence full of pride and strength as if there was not a worry in the world. These images were soon brushed from her minds eye as her acute hearing had picked up the inaudible sound of a twig breaking beneath heavy boot, she remained motionless not allowing the new visitor to be aware that she knew of their presence but then a powerful voice brought a feeling of dread upon her"foolish woman do you not think I felt the presence of your aura in the trees as you spyed us like a rotten cloak and dagger" a powerful laugh followed these words, without hesitation and with the reflexes of a veteran warrior thefaa sprang to gfleshrasp her staff that had beenbeen proped mere feet away but before she felt the cool steel of her staff upon the exposedexposed flesh of her fingers, she felt an impact upon her body accompanied with a blinding flash of light. She felt different pushed and pulled against her will the use of her abilities disabled what had he done to her?

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