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Problem with one guy.


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EU-Emerald. Mc - Forsaken Side.

Two months ago(or something like that) i get lucky in Swamps - Killing Whisper Brigandine get into my bag ;) .

I tried to sold it, then player Derpin (warlock lvl 20)Offered for this 100k gold and 250 Sphere of Damage Ench. II. I agreed

We went to caravans, he gave me 100k, 50 Spheres, i gave him KW Brigandine. In next trade - 50Spheres went to my bag.

Suddenly he said that he must go, his patry callin him for hunting Eye in Laby.He told me that he will give me 150spheres next time.

But he didn't. :facepalm:

I messaged him once . He said 'I dont have any Brigandine, i dont heard about any trade.Maybe it was my friend(or brother, i dont remember well) who is playing on this account '

.I told him to ask him if its true. He said ' He is on exam, will back on first days of  July.



Last day i messaged him , he said that his friend didnt said its true.

I said I will write to WS Developers.







So here I am.

(My account - Masterogal, 14lvl rogue , nearly lvl up)









I hope You will understand my situation.

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