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Alternative to Free miracle coins

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As we all know there is a way to earn free miracle coins and that is to do surveys, download apps etc. but most of these failed to work upon completing them or the completion doesn't get registered.

Now obviously, no one wants to do these things anymore due to it taking a huge amount of time and giving less in return.


My alternative to all this is, switching the current method to watching advertising videos. Yes, a better solution. As countries in Asia mainly lacks surveys and offers this will provide to be useful for both the game and it's users.


And of course, I am sure many people would want this alternatives. As Fyber service is a 3rd party service which doesn't give guarantee of save keeping your money from offers which asks you to put your credit card information and depositing your money.


The alternative I suggested is much more reliable, fast, guaranteed to work, consistent and much better.


I hope the developers take their time to understand this matter and make changes as soon as possible.


Most online games provides this kind of way to keep the players in the game without having to worry about investing money.

Since Google Ads system works almost everywhere. This will be very beneficial. Win-Win situation

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47 minutes ago, Ahmed Didar said:



I have to ask you not to bump the topic repeatedly; if it hasn't got an answer from devs there's certainly a reason and in any case the topic can still be seen by everyone. If they've got something to say, they will show up with out hesitation. 

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Im högue

On 6/20/2020 at 9:48 PM, Tytti said:

That's strange. I wonder where I got the memory from then.

If i remember correctly some offers ads but they gave like 1 or 2 miracle coins 

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