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Writing this very fast 'cause i am sleeping


I already made posts of this and i will do it for the last time:

Make Charmers use spears/ 2h maces.


Sum the statistics of these builds:

Charmer's Equipments (+5 Sea set)

DK's Spear* (+10  2020 Spring Event Spear)

*Ignore the necklace and it's stats, i just added it to save the build.

Now compare with:

Charmer's Full Build


What you would get ant lost with this:

+ Physical Damage

+ Magic Damage

- Defense (almost 1K)

- Block

• More damage in basic attack.

• Higher damage from Dark Prism than using a normal mace while having high damage from Call.

• More heal.


Basically, you would get more offensive stats in the price of the defensive stats. :knife:

I know you guys never change roles' weapons passive skills, but there may be an exception.:vp-hehe:

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15 minutes ago, Speedom said:

You won't lose much magic if you use a magic spear or mace. This idea will make Charmer nore broken and idc tbh since pve is my favorite. But you'll hear too many complaints.

It will increase its DMG but decreases its defense.

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Posted (edited)
7 minutes ago, Speedom said:

Charmer won't ever have low defense since they can use heavy armor. Even better with bonus defense.

Well, even if using heavy armor, 1K def lost from the shield isn't a good thing.

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Posted (edited)
11 minutes ago, Speedom said:

No. I just know what and how their skillls work

Basically it's a undecided tanky/healer boi that have a dog and a crow

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