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[2020.06.04] Game servers restart

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UPD: The servers are running!

Dear players! 


Tomorrow, 05.06.2020, at 10:00 CEST, the servers will be restarted due to performing maintenance work. After the reboot, the following changes will be implemented: 


- improved the matchmaking system for the guild games of the “Trial of the Mermen”. 


The game will be unavailable for roughly 15 minutes


Please don’t plan anything important for that time. We apologize for any inconvenience. 



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11 hours ago, DoctorStrange said:

20200605_014421.jpgYy gvg meme.jpg

I am impressed by the fact that YinYang has made you to spend hours thinking about a meme, means we mean a lot to you 🙂
You even censured ur character in that photo xD

Edited by Slap
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5 hours ago, merclesss said:

can u nerf the dung or balanced it for lower lvl guilds?

we are a lvl 6 guild that won gvg but cant do shit in dung cuz  it needs lvl 12 guild buffs, pls fix this ! 

Everyone would join a lvl 6 guild then. Cause it's even hard for lvl 11-12 guilds it's myth dg its how its suppose to be,hard and long dg.

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