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Complete Analysis and Advanced to Mastery Guide on Warden


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Greetings to everyone !


Your man Sage has returned and now will guide you into building the King of Tanks in warspear.


Wardens are by far the most toughest tank class in warspear. Being specialised to go all in in defence this Tank has very low damage but almost invincible.

You will require to organise damage dealers and can swap out support class if you are well geared for the task ahead.


When playing a warden you need to keep a humble leader mentality and focus on making sure your team is safe by agro / confronting enemies head on (agro = aggression / taunt).


Big Thanks to Ongbak, Killerhits and Nansage for helping out with testing (US-SAPPHIRE)


Basic Skills Mastery.


Please note The Punishment skill is pretty useless most of the time so no need to add relics if you don't plan on benefiting from relics on that skill.


1. Powerful Blow


This is your basic damage skill. Melee ranged. Does increased damage based on the skill level, level of hero and base damage of character.

Required Relics: Great Relic of Mass Distribution and Relic of Bleeding Wound.


2. Wave of Aggression


This is your main aggression taunt skill which you will need to use everytime in order to keep your allies safe and taunt monster groups or bosses. In arena it disable auto lock of enemy (meaning they need to tap you again to attack) which can be helpful in disrupting their combos.

At 5/5 it heals 12% of your maximum HP if used 3 times in succession. 

This skill has a 5 yard range of usage.

Required Relics: Great Relic of Menace and Magical Relic of Physical Blocking.


3. Guard's Spirit


This is a buff type skill. Upon casting the skill you will have a 15 seconds timer in which whatever damage you deal while timer active it converts into a shield around you for another 15 seconds. At 5/5 this skill converts 80% of damage dealt to a shield (meaning the total damage becomes your shields HP). Make sure to have all your damage skills ready when this is activated.

Required Relics: Magical Relic of Magical Blocking.


4. Shocking Blow


This is a melee stun skill. It can be used to initiate an attack to enemy player. However the main use of this skill is to protect your ally from an ambush or attack from enemy players and give them time to reposition or recover. Can be used to activate defensive buff relic upon being resisted by bosses (which is almost everytime). 

At 5/5 gives you 4 seconds stun duration.

Required Relics: Relic of Absolute Protection.


5. Punishment


This is pretty much a useless skill. What it does is reduce enemy accuracy to 0 for some duration ... Accuracy only affects the Dodge stat and does nothing on block or parry stat which wardens build on. It may have some use in Arena where you use on enemy damage dealer and your ranger partner is full dodge build ... otherwise it just activate defensive relic buffs upon being resisted.

At 5/5 gives you 15 seconds duration of 0 accuracy debuff on enemy.

Required Relics: Great Relic of Continuous Effect and Relic of Solidity.


¤ The ideal Basic Skill build would be: (Should be upgraded in the following order)


5/5 Wave of Aggression,

5/5 Guard's Spirit, 

3/5 Stunning Blow (recommended) or 3/5 Powerful Blow.


¤ This should be how your skill build looks like when you hit level 18. At level 20 put points to expert skills.



Expert Skill Mastery.


The only 3 main expert skills of a warden is Fortification, Block Master and Guard's Fury. All others are not required and mostly utility in function. Some may be good for PvP but I will discuss the Meta mostly.


1. Fortification 


This is the main skill of warden and a must to get at level 18 and max off as soon as possible.

At 4/4 it reduces all incoming damage by half (50%) meaning if a warden is naked but this skill is activated even if enemy damage is 1000 it will hit him 500 regardless of the enemy penetration parameter !!


However this skill has a debuff on you where it reduces your damage (by 20% at 4/4 so u have less base damage upon activation) and is a skill with heavy mana consumption (8 mana every 1 second!). So make sure to have enough mana regen on your rings belt and cloak or amulet to be able to use this skill continuously with no issues. 

¤ Counters for the skill: Enemy players skills that use the Great Relic of Dispelling (Like Warlock's Dark Circle) or Skills (Like Mage Magic Ban Expert Skill) that remove positive buffs can deactivate this skill and kill the warden easily.


2. Block Master


This is the main healing skill of a warden which makes it almost unkillable!

It basically works on the Block parameter (Only active if you have a shield equipped).

Everytime you block an attack you heal 20% of your "Lost HP" (This skill used to heal 10%of total hp which was too broken and is nerfed now to current state). 

Meaning the lower your hp the higher your heal becomes per block.


This skill is totally dependent on Block Parameter so at low levels it does not prove to be too reliable but at high levels when you are able to get large amount of block it can make your warden unkillable when paired with Fortification. 


¤ Counter: This skill has a cooldown of 1 second per block. Means if the warden blocks 5 attacks in less than 1 second he only heals once. Spamming burst damage in short duration can get the warden easily.


¤ Minimum requirement of Block stat should be 23% by level 26 and 6000 HP minimum to Solo Tank Astral Labyrinth with 3.5k magic defence. (Skill at 3/4 by that level).


3. Guard's Fury


This is the life saving Area Agro skill.

Shows a funny red fart cloud. However what is more funny is that anyone who is caught in that red fart cloud will get their damaged reduced by 35% at 4/4 of this skill ... Deadly Fart indeed.

4/4 the skill debuff duration is 10 seconds. 

(Credits to Killerhits for testing.)

Has 2 yards radius range.


4. Guard's Protection 


This is one underrated but broken asf skill of warden.

Its mainly used for PvP purposes but can be used other scenarios too but not too often.

This skill reduces incoming damage to an ally by a percentage and that percentage reduced damage gets transferred to the warden. This stops when warden HP is at 20% of his maximum (to avoid killing the warden). 


This skill can basically make your friend the strongest tanky person in the game even if its a cloth armour hero because at 4/4 this skill will reduce 80% incoming damage to your friend and transfer it to you ... bro ... 80% ... for 25 seconds and all wd need to do is block attacks or spam agro to regen the HP lost.

Imagine a high amped arena geared ranger having this buff at arena ... GG.

(Credits to Ongbak and Killerhits for testing).

Has 4 yards range.


¤ Underrated but broken powerful for Arena.

Counter: Spam damage at the person he used the skill on to get the warden to critical HP and then burst him hoping he does not block your attacks.


5. Switch Hero


This is the warden's only Blink skill (teleport skill).

This is a very unique teleport skill as it requires an enemy to be able to use it.

The way it works is by swapping the warden's position to the enemy position. The enemy takes the warden's previous position.


After positions are swapped the enemy gets a movement speed reduction debuff for some time.

Has a 4 yard range.


¤ Counter: If warden uses this skill to an enemy that is stunned or immobilized the positions will not be swapped meaning warden won't teleport so if you are at Lab kindly do not stun or immobilize the ranged enemy mob so your warden can move faster. Please kill parasites too :3.


6. Shield Throw


This is a mid range skill (of 3 yards) which deals decent damage.

It also reduces enemy armour for some time which can be effective to kill other tank players or bosses (they resist it a lot thou).


At 1/4 reduces 15% armour for 3 seconds. 

At 4/4 It does 30% defense reduction for 9 seconds (Big shout out to Ongbak for testing).


Not a very flashy skill but when used in this combo 

> Shield Throw + Auto + Powerful Blow + Auto + Powerful Lunge.

It deals really good burst damage which can charge your Guard's Spirit skill better.


Also helps in killing those annoying parasites from range.


7. Powerful Lunge


This skill is another unique damage skill by which it does 1 yard radius area damage around the targeted enemy.


Useful when large groups of enemy mobs or players gather as it deals good area damage and can charge your Guard's Spirit with high HP. 


At 1/4 it deals 50% of damage dealt to the selected target as its area damage.


However this skill is not recommended to put points in ... as tested by Ongbak Even at 4/4 it still does 50% damage and no increase except for the single target increased damage.


8. Natural Resistance 


This is a buff skill which increases the resistance parameter. (Its a chance %)


1/4 does 10% more resistance stat.

4/4 does 40% more resistance stat.


Basically at 4/4 you have 40% chance to resist a debuff (stun or negative effects).


Meh ... get this skill last if you are bored, have extra money and just want to flex your skills. 


9. Stealing Power 


One of the latest added skills to the arsenal of Warden's expert skills.

It is a unique skill that reduces the enemy base damage and increases your Auto attack damage.


At 4/4 you reduce enemy base damage by 50% and increase your auto damage by 70% for a short duration. 

(Credits Quel)


Helpful even at 1/4 for faster killing of mobs or enemy.


Pairs beautifully with Guard's Protection.



Equipment building/Stats build.


As a warden, main stat is the Block Parameter.

As explained on my beginner guide, the more the numerical defense of a character the lesser the damage reduction gain.


For example,


> 5000 physical defense = 43.5% physical damage reduction.


>7000 physical defense = 52% physical damage reduction.


> 9000 physical defense = 58% physical damage reduction.


>12000 physical defense = 64% physical damage reduction.


Here we seen that from 5k to 7k it increased by 8.5%. 7k to 9k it increased by only 6% and from 9k to 12k (3000 more def) its just another 6%.


Amping your armour has diminishing returns as you go further up you get less defense %.


Also penetration "DIRECTLY" removes your physical defense damage reduction. 

A 43.5% penetration would make 5000 defense to basically 0.


I needed to clarify this in order for us to be at same page.


Ofcourse you amp your gears but after a certain amp say +8 +9 +10 you might consider your budget as its enough defense already. 


So those are the issues of the main defensive stat. However the secondary defensive are also available and need to be built upon.


¤ Block is the main 2ndary defensive stat of warden.

It is only active if equipped with a shield.

It can negate both ranged and melee attacks.

As of now ... nothing can reduce the block parameter. So it's a very reliable stat and also you get heals from it from your expert skill Block master. Currently its maxed cap is at 25%.


¤ Parry is the 2nd of the 2ndary defensive stat of warden.

It is active even without a shield equipped.

It can only negate melee attacks (does not work against ranged attacks).

Also as of now ... nothing can reduce this stat and is a good backup stat to block.


Dodge is not at all helpful since dodge is directly affected by accuracy. 30% accuracy would remove 30% dodge.

Dodge is capped at 70%.


When building warden keep in mind that:


¤ Head, Boot, Cloak and Belt must all contain parry stats.


¤ Chest, Rings, Belt and Shield must all contain block stats.


¤ Go for Spring double Block shield if possible.


¤ Weapon should contain Parry (Crafted 1h Axe will do the trick or Parry maces).

¤ Every equipment must have HP bonus stat in them (Try for Craft hp % Gears).


¤ 25% Block is a MUST when a warden is level 28-30 and a minimum of 22% Parry is required in order to truly experience the most broken solo tank in this game XD


*will complete the guide when have time*

Edited by SageofWarspear
Adding info 1 by 1 as the total draft is too large
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Hey guys, I'm from your server and it says that this skill "STEALING POWER" reduces enemy defense by 50% and increases my auto dmg by 70%. I know is a bug because it doesn't reduces enemies defenses, however, I tested it and I saw that this skill can reduce the enemy dmg by 50% at 4/4 and the time of it is between 8-10 secs. I don't know how much the enemy bosses can resist it but for me is like 50% chance

So I tested it and when I get hit by 1000 dmg use it when have 4/4 forti I reduce this dmg at 500 and when I use the new skill it goes down by 250. 

For me is a good skill for solo quests 


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  • 1 month later...

70% attack strength? Holy crap. And I thought that 50% would be a bit too strong lol.

Wow.... No wonder why I sometimes see wardens dealing huge damage to enemies.

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