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My idea to level up fast guild after update without spend thousands


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this is a suggestion/guide to get the highest guild points...

as dev said you will earn guild points from: story (yellow) quests, daily (blue) quests and from new map quests.

this guide based on daily quests and potion for double gp (guild points)

Every day new quests take place at npc but there are certain amount of quests, a cycle (the time that all quest have appear at least once at npc) is around 2-3 days...

My idea is that you can take all quests on you (you have accept quests mission) and finish them, I mean to gather all needed items or kill what quest ask you to do but dont go to npc (the guy with blue question mark over his head) and push 'process' button, move quests items to guild warehouse (or bank character for low level guilds), after you have the items for all quest use the potion and after in an hour go to npc and finish all quests...

with this way you can save some money and lvl up fast the guild than use the potions and success to finish max 6 quests in an hour and after use again potions...

you can do the same think each day but there are some quest which the first day asks you to kill 40 monsters and the next day to gather 30 items from the same monsters, why dont wait a day and do both the same time?

I hope to help you, good luck:-)

p.s. this is a help for Newbes, older players are enough smart to dont throw away every hour double gp potions..:-P

I post it today and not after update release to hear your suggestions and Newbes be ready after update... thanks:-)

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