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Even if the update was released recently, i would like to leave a suggestion of a new skill for the Death Knight, since he is a Knight.


Possibly it would be good to bring it in a update that included level 36 or even 40 (that is, in the very distant future).



Dark Cavalry

Constant Mana Consumption: 9-11-13-15

The Knight summons a Dark Horse, and enters the Mounted State.


Mounted State:

Movement speed increased by 50%

When using one handed weapons and a shield: 

Can't attack.

Damage received decreased by 35-45-55-65%.

Can use Death Call.

When using two handed weapons:

Can use basic attacks.

When running against enemies, deals physical damage.



It looks a little OP, but like I said, it would be nice to add it in a future update, when other roles have skills like that.


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2 hours ago, lore said:

an increasing cooldown might make it useless and not usable

id say to go for a consume on time type instead of a buff

It's also a good idea, I thought about this long cooldown because 1 minute with so much buff would be too much OP, so I wanted to give a cooldown equal to or greater than Necro's revive.

But on second thought, a skill with constant mana consumption would also be good (or 5 minutes cooldown in 4/4).

I was thinking that "Attack Mode" for this ability would be good for big events like GvG, wars, etc. And "Defense Mode" would be good anywhere, because of the damage reduction

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