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Increase stun chance from seekers disappearance

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I suggest increasing stun chance from seekers disappearance to 50/60/70/80/90%

Rogues new skill has 90% chance to stun and would be fair if seeker had similar chances. (Rogues stun is also longer duration)


The 8.4 update adds 3 new skills to legion side that can reveal seeker from invisibility. It's getting harder and harder to even hit enemies from stealth with all these aoe skills.

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I agree with you, the seeker is now a cut below all other classes, and some even two heads. Very frustrated with the new skill, so much wasted time building for pvp content. How long do we have to wait, a year, two, three? Patience is gone. Sorry for my English.

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Posted (edited)

For me, who play as seeker the most, i feel that mcs way much stronger with the aoe silence and aoe stuns. In wars, can't even move at all. Just get stunned until die + the skeletons awakened by necro. Creepy. The combo of shaman+warlock+necro is deathly.


That's all my opinion ^^

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