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Inner Force pala new skill discussion

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Level  Recharge Block  HP

1         5%           2%   30%

2         7%           3%   40%

3         10%         5%   55%

4         15%         7%   70%

i think this skill only useful for sheild pala in PVP.

In PVE,as a tank,a healer couldnt help to heal a tank below 70% hp,and once ur hp above 70%,this skill useless.

            as a caster,u get no chance to make ur hp below 70%,even if u out aggro of tank,u could recover ur hp by vamp parameter.

In PVP,as a caster,u wont want to see ur hp below 70%,enemy could 1 hit kill u even if u r full hp,so u must use heal skill.

            as a sheild user,banner and shield strike are most important skills in arena,big AOE and long Stun. And shield skill and new heal skill both important too.its seems no free skill point for                    inner force.but if u dont make it 4/4, condition of below 33% hp  and low recharge and block makes this skill very lame.


there r some suggestion for improve this skill.

1.make basic bonus in any hp,and additional bonus when u below %hp.Its good for all kind of pala.

2.make 15% 7% bonus in all level and different HP condition by levels. Or make same HP condition in all levels but recharge block changes by levels.This way makes skill still for shield pala,if
Development team aim to.

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Posted (edited)

The skill in itself is not bad, however if compared to some of the new skills other classes got, like Druid, BD, Shaman, and Mage, this skill seems terrible, or more accurately, the other skills are broken.

But my first impressions of it is:

I like it since I'm a main 1h+shield player. Also was very pleased that it activates at 70%, I was afraid of having it activate at like 30% hp or something, so in Arena and PvP it will be active most of the time when needed. Also the block bonus is nice, I didn't expect more than 8%, so fair enough. But the cooldown bonus seems weak to me. I mean you would need to survive a very long time under 70% hp to gain the advantage from the cd buff. For example if your Sacred Shield has 30 seconds cd, with 15% addition it becomes something like 28 secs, so you need to stay in under 70% HP for 28 seconds to actually gain the advantage of the cd buff. So on that side it was kinda disappointing. That would be my only problem with the skill, I think the cd buff could be bigger..


In terms of where I can see this skill being used is definitely mace/shield Arena and PvP. Especially if you already have a good base block, you can get it up to 20%+ with very minimal gear, without ruining other stats.

In Arena, you can utilize the skill for support, maybe using 1h magic mace with magic accessories. It would heal less than 2handed but 2h Palas would be a relatively easy target to kill first, so with that passive, it would be harder to kill the Paladin first, and thus the Pala can effectively support more than with 2 handed builds.


But will have to test it out well in real server in real fights. But generally, if you're a shield user, I think it might be worth it to build it. Will have to see.



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So they already nerfed the skill that didn't need a nerf.


16 hours ago, Holmes said:


Inner Strength.png Internal forces

  • Changed the threshold value of health at which the effect of the skill is triggered. It was 30-40-55-70% of the maximum number of health points, it became 30-40-50-60%.

What's the logic behind this? The skill was already underwhelming compared to most of the newly added skills. You might think activating at 70% HP is too much, but if you look at the added bonuses, it's really not game changing at all. Now I think 15% Cooldown has to be increased.


Paladin will fall out of the meta in Arena very quickly, now that you have characters that remove debuffs (fetters and stuns) and characters that remove buffs (sacred shield), and characters that completely ignore debuffs (BD) I don't know what's left for Paladin to compete in Arena.


I originally thought the skill was OK, but now you just made it worse for no reason. :facepalm:

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1 hour ago, goldpala said:

i guess it's op in gvg or 3v3 vs legion.

but i hope they change it back or improve it.



How do you see it OP?

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Posted (edited)

Only benefit I can see is pve magic pala with 1 hand mace and that's it, but that'll be a HUGE sacrifice with good skills.

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