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Any OG players from 2011-2014 here?

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Heya guys,


Warspear Online has been my childhood and today i logged back on after so many years. Looking back I feel so emotional and nostalgic. It's sad that most people have moved on with their lives (me included). I wish I could relive some of those moments again, both good and bad. It's just very emotional.


I miss all the fun I had both in game and on the forums.

honorable mentions of people who made my childhood (not limited to):







Pvprange (or was it Pvpranger)



and a lot of people who's names i've forgotten but I would die to meet them again.


PS: I'm sad to hear that r0land has left (i did some digging) since we shared a unique relationship and I skyrocketed to infamy.


I just wish that anyone who played and knew me from that period of time (hard to not notice me due to my hyperactiveness) might come back and see this message (or maybe from Google).

so that I may meet these wonderful people once again. I'll probably log onto this forum account every bluemoon hoping to read any message that someone wants to leave me.

Why all of this you may ask? well, I started WS when I was 11 and hence this game was literally my childhood and now that I'm 20 (time of writing), looking back makes me want to reflect on that.


While warspear may have had its downsides, it's been a wonderful game for me and literally made my childhood! I hope all these wonderful people are doing well in life.

Please feel free to drop a message to this account and I WILL RESPOND to you.


a few words... "You spend your childhood wanting to grow up, and you spend your adulthood wishing you were a child again"


- Russellelf signing off

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Hey Russell.. how's it going buddy.


Just felt a little nostalgic and came to check forum. Played from 2010 and came back because well.. gotta spend time doing something these days. Anyways just wanted to drop in and say hi.



Take care brother


Signing off, Volex.

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