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of course dey strong, dats y i leveled em i men wat wer u spektin, a pdigey? (dragonite from a lv13 dratini, tyranitar from a larvitar). moltres.. ya i caught him bein 50 an btw sexy pro mewtwo keels em all hyperfast 




gengar so sexy btw

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Will I be able to run GTA V with my comp?

Win10 Home.



GeForce 820m 2GB.

it can run it,but no to the 100 graphics,well,playing that game with 100% graphic isnt necessary,but this is the real problem,How much free space your hard disk have? cuz you need at least 60GB to download the game and it takes like 90GB installed.

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I might be a little late, but I certainly am not the only one around here who is hyped for this game. However, I'll just wait for the release and the reviews. Games like these have that awesome potential, but, honestly, I think it's gonna be a flop. A big flop.

Minecraft with HD graphics lmaon


na just kidding.... it looks amazing.

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Ey can i join ur clash royale clan elie :D


Lvl6 with decent card, am donating well


Edit: nvm, accidently deinstalled it and didt link to my google play.fml

Aw damn mmm try install it again and see wht happens, or contact their support im sure u can recover ur account if u wana have fun we pvp alot and donate alot, u can earn elder rank of u donate 60donation+/week

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