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Crafting achievements


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Would it be possible to freeze the Crafting related achievements that are in the Hero category to lv24? To me it seems a bit unfair that people who maxed the crafts out at lv14 or whatever it was at the time were able to get the achievements done, but newer players and/or people who just wanted a new character now have to get more than 5 times the experience in each craft category to get the same achievements for no better benefit. Not even taking in consideration the absolutely unreasonable time you need to even get maximum level in one craft. Newer players cant compete in the achievement ratings at all or get the best rewards in general without completely unreasonable investment of either miracle coins or time. (Being a long time player i dont consider small amounts of mcoins being unreasonable. Here we are talking about 100k+ mcoins each craft, and mcoin prices just so happen to be different for everyone.)


In terms of difficulty getting these achivements personally id prefer them to be set at lv20 since its a nice round number and its also quite hard to get and takes a long time to reach but at least freeze them at lv24 if nothing else.

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