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[2020.05.18] Event of the week “Rush of Knowledge” already in the Arinar!

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Very soon you will have the opportunity to get your head into a story  of the V sector of Ayvondil, where you will find new dangerous adventures that only the most worthy warriors can cope with. And to make your way a little easier, don't miss a unique chance to improve your knowledge and strength to fearlessly overcome any obstacles!


Only this week you can get extremely rare books in the Dungeons and as a reward for Guild events or boss murders in the vastness of Ayvondil. Also, don't forget about the opportunity to earn 2 times more Guild Points to upgrade your guild for future battles!

  • Enhanced Penetration, Enhanced Attack Speed and Enhanced Skill Cooldown expert skill books are added to all mythic Dungeons and Sea Traimps’ Lair Dungeon of heroic difficulty level;
  • Expert skill books for every class (128 in total!) are added to all hard, heroic and mythic Dungeons;
  • x2 drop chance of Enhanced Critical Hit, Power of Spirit, and Power of Life skill books from treasuries for Invasion of Chaos, Music of Magic and Wild Hunt Guild  guild events;
  • x2 drop chance of Absolute Strength and Might of the Depths non-class skill books from Pirate Chests;
  • x2 drop chance of Magic Resistance, Physical Protection, Magic Protection, Enhanced Critical Damage, and Enhanced Accuracy books from the Captain Giant Octopus, Engineer, and Black Elm-tree raid bosses;
  • x2 drop chance of skill books for every class from bosses on the Ship Graveyard;
  • x2 Guild Points for completing all Dungeons;
  • 15 winners of the Guild Tournament (counts for the Non-fading Glory achievement):
    places 1-3: x3 Crimson Corundums for the victory in the guild tournament and all guild members will get a Gold coffer; 
    places 4-10: all guild members will get Crimson Corundums and a Silver сoffer;
    places 10-15: all guild members will get Crimson Corundums and a Bronze сoffer.

Event time: 18.05 13:00 CEST - 25.05 12:00 CEST


See you in the game!


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46 minutes ago, lore said:

please make that ppl wont loot skillbooks of the opposite side's classes, thats sad as hell for who loot it


You can still sell them for 10k. Kinda better than a weapon that nobody buys ._. 

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1 hour ago, Akasha said:

Do you mean expert skill books?


Be a legionaire and loot forest song/fortification and stuff like it


Be an sentinel and loot stoneskin/defeat and stuff like it

Thank god it never happen to me but to others, loot those is simply loot air

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