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New doom weapons for druid/shaman

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Necros can choose between a doom stave or a doom staff (with or without astral). Priest can choose between a doom stick or a doom baton (with or without astral), but hyper druids and hyper shamans must use a doom staff with astral even if they want to miss the astral bonus to get other stats ( i say it because i like full damage on healing class characters, and because i think astral is for master chickens)

then devs, you should create a new doom weapon for druid and shamans, with moon, deadliness, accuaracy and penet/attack speed.

this goes for lvl 15 and 17 arena weapons too



a lvl 17 cloak and a lvl 18 amulet with moon only would be a nice idea too

ty hyper devs





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