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possible new barb skills?


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Wow kaworu those are some good ideas.... I love the idea of the berserkers rage or what ever you wanna call it. Id be moore then happy to give up roar for that skill. Or even maybe the devs should make a new mc class and new first born class to even the scale. The new mc class could be called a berserker which I believe is different the a barb. The berserker class should be able to dual weild axes and swords but not be able to use sheilds. The skills should include a power attack, the skill that we are talking about maybe name it berserkers rage or power of theberserker, and move that fears opponets away, and maybe a move called like berserkers might that increases an ally's attack for a little bit but decreases the berserkers defence and power, and maybe a move called might of rage that like slams the opponet and stuns them while doing maybe like half the damage the power strike does.



what about some of my older ideas? ehh ehh ehh :good: :good: :blush:

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if barb has 2 stances that they could switch to anytime they want, even in combat.. each stance would have a few diff skills, defensive stance and attack stance i would stop everything and lvl my barb asap

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also barb should get a skill called shot wave.. its a stun skill that makes the target stay in on  spot.. it can hit multiple ppl if they are in the area, would be good cuz charge is prettyy crapy

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my suggestion still same

Many suggestion from me:


Paladin:Dual: Make paladin Dual to creatures or enemy's player. It will make double attack speed. its not allowed enemy to use skill and paladin can not to use skill too. Paladin and enemy's arent allowed to move for many second. Usage range: 2 yard


Mage:Burning: Burn many enemies for sometimes and reduce their attack speed and movement speed. Usage range: 5 yard


Priest:Paralyze: enemies can not move and reduce their attack speed for sometimes


Deathknight:Dark Heal: heal his self or his friendly with dark magic. or attack enemies with range 5 yard.


Warlock:Dark Smoke: reduce all magic damage of enemies for sometimes


Necromancer:Raising Skeleton: Raise 2 Skeleton for many second. Hit point and damage of skeleton increase with its level


Barbarian:Smash Attack: Return many damage enemy's to enemy's self for many times.  8)  OP

Lvl 1: Return 92% dmg. 3 times attack. Ignore 86% dmg

Lvl 2: Return 94% dmg. 4 times attack. Ignore 88% dmg

Lvl 3: Return 96% dmg. 4 times attack. Ignore 91% dmg

Lvl 4: Return 98% dmg. 5 times attack. Ignore 93% dmg

Lvl 5: Return 100% dmg. 5 times attack. Ignore 95% dmg


Rogue:Rush Demon: double your movement speed to catch one enemies, can not move and use skill for 1 sec and increase dmg for 1st attack


Shaman:Calling Wolf: Call one wolf (Movement Speed: High). HP and Damage of wolf will increase with its level (I see from old warspear)


Bladedancer:Twister dancing: Bladedancer change to twister. it will make reduce movement speed, attack speed and enemies get dmg for many second who around bladedancer. blade dancer is not allowed attack.


Ranger:I think i agree with "Arrow Strom"


DruidFairy Caller: call 2 fairies (Range attack). HP and damage of fairies will increase with its level (I see from old warspear)

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