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[2020.05.11] Game server restart. Seeing The Blissful Isle off until the next year!

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On 5/17/2020 at 7:00 PM, necrotp1 said:

Forget about this... It's something that everyone is asking for ages and it seems like they don't like the idea... The castle update gave us hope and...its what you see now... But here is a suggestion:

How about the castle mkt be fo both sides and other players can put their items there to sell and normally there is a 10% gold tax for each sell, make half of this tax go to the castle owners.

or make the that only the players that owns the castle can sell items there with no time limit n depot price and only 5% tax, that can work too and make the castle more interesting to have or to visit all time

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6 hours ago, sea rpg said:

I am also a player of Sea Pearl, now the server is very bad, I think it is necessary to merge with the EU.


Yea, so that even EU-EMERALD gets the overpopulation of elves. 

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