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Killed Shadows - Using old tactic.


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Hi all, i wanna thank to all who participated killing the Shadows of Berengar today :)











We used a tactic similar to the old one and were only 7ppl to kill them all. (TY Yins)






See this topic, theres a video too!.


Thank you all =) ...



P.S: The blue shadows just respawned in the first photo...

P.S2: There was ppl that said this tactic wasn't working (N)



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good party :yahoo: :clapping: :clapping: :drinks:



bladebara lvl 15 === sapphire F.born

bara lvl 17 ======= sapphire F.born char blocked :cray:

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SO shadows have been restored?  :shok:



Rain... The tactic was always the same: Warspear Online - Shadows of Berengar quest



The behavior of the shadows was the same before, during and after the update(s)...



Anyway your tactic was fine :)

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