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we need new pvp cave

Clarra Aprillia

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hi devs im so sad when many people ganging in pvp cave



i think better you make new pvp cave



there should be an confirmation for pvp with another players



btw im sorry if my english not correct




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Guess we all agree on this haha ;D



(Got your back bro)

Official PVP area (1v1)



Опубликованное фото




So its the Highest positive votes so far in history of International forum. Yet no official words from the officials.





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I think the only way to get their attention is to click the "report to moderator" button below our comments :P. I've been doing this lately and it seems to be working, so guys? let's do this :search: ?





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I  think  when  we get new pvp cave  always someone disturb  :'(



Did you check my pvp suggestion that i linked above? Gankers, disturbers and jumpers will be history only old players will speak of.

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