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LET US UNBIND COSTUMES. it would really help because when someone gets tired of the particular costume they have bought from the mshop they get the option to unbind it with mcoins so they can sell it for gold? good idea? thanks :D :good:

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............... Ever Opened the miracle shop before? Guess not..



There is a point here in what darksoul is saying. Many mshop outfits cost around the same price of an unbind. There is quite a few fits that cost more but is it really worth it in the end?



A Better choice of item for an unbind suggest would be skins obviously... but that has been suggested already.

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does it really mateer? i got heaps of costumes +coins and ye? when im tired of em i dont wana just drop em i wana unbind and either give em away or sell em?problem? i know its costly but its basically for the ppl who got the $$$ and i do so?

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