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[2020.04.28] Contest “Holiday with Warspear” 2020. Results.

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Best warriors!


It's time to announce the winners of the Contest — “Spring holidays with Warspear” 2020. Let's congratulate the winners!


1st place: “How does playing Warspear online feel like during the holidays?! Just take a look at these players and you will get in the mood” , the winners receive 10.000 Miracle coins + 100 “Caches of the School of Magic”


winner_contest_female.jpg  winner_contest_male.jpg


Finalists: “the frontrunners who almost catched the main prize, no need to explain why as a picture is worth a thousand words”, each finalist will receive 3.000 Miracle coins and 50 “Caches of the School of Magic


image.png   IMG_20200417_111728.jpg


93259194_1623509157797801_7059140821014020096_n.jpg        finalist_female.jpg 


   IMG_20200415_094924.JPG   20200421_195914-1.jpg   finalist_6.jpg


Jury Award: “Spending the holidays with their best half, and the best game, of course”, the participants receive 1.500 Miracle coins and + 50 “Caches of the School of Magic



the couple 


Creativity prize: “Goes to this noteworthy team mate! Yep, you can't escape from a 4 eyed sentinel, and apparently, neither does..” 1.500 Miracle coins and + 50 “Caches of the School of Magic”. P.S.- the participant shows the game logo in his original post, which has been cropped here for a better image resolution.




Additional prizesall participants who followed the contest rules, will receive “Caches of the School of Magic” as Incentive prize😇


Prizes will be deposited within the week. We thank you all for the amazing pictures and bringing our community together to have fun once again!





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thank you very much aigrind team and all the adm of the forum, i just saw that i won 15 bucks from the event and i didn't know why they appeared in my bag, so i came to see here on the forum and knew it was an incentive prize, and i had srote great to drop vampire rune!

thank you very much congratulations to everyone on the team!


By: Chicoo (nick: Maguiinha) Youtuber Gamer Warspear Online. 

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