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What happens to skills and relics with similar effect?

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I have a warden with the skill guards spirit (at 5/5 with a relic of continous effect) so when the shielding effect is applied i can immidiatly use the skill again.

I used on the skill a relic of physical blocking which absorbs phy dmg for 5 second which is similar to the affect of the skill but doesnt have a limit to the dmg it absorbs. 

when i use the skill a second time while the shielding effect of the previus effect is still applied and also get the effect of the relic, what i want to know is that i have 2 effects witch completely absorb damage, which is the effect with top priority that will absorb the damage? Because the effect of the skill is limited while the relics effect is limitless, and i dont want to waste a relic slot for a relic that is useless. 

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just to make things clear there are two outcomes to this sinario, either:

1- that the relic has priority over the skill so that the relic will absorb 100% of damage while the skill effect will be idle until the relic's effect ends, which leave the skill with more damage to absorb, or

2- that the skill effect has priority over the relic's which means the skills effect will stay active with the relic's effect, which means the skill will deplete it's abilty to absorb damage making the relic useless. 

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