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[Guilds] Suggestions and Improvements


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Hey there. Just one little thing: there's no need to create 3 posts for a single suggestion. If you want to add or remove something, you can use the button "edit" at the bottom of every post ^^ 

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My suggestions:



GvG and Events Maps

The maps will be saved, like the others, as the guilds always go to events.

Enabling the assembly of strategies, outside the event or GvG.

Commander at GvG and Events


The commander, as in Battles for the Castles, appears on the map, marking his location, with the commander's icon.

Making it possible for guild members to follow the commander through the event or GvG.


Message for Guild and Guild Description


Currently, the number of possible characters is 50. I suggest increasing it to 75 characters in order to be able to send a large message, with more information.

Skills Activation Message


Message to the guild, stating that a skill has been activated. Like when someone activates a guild event.

"Guild Blessing" was activated by [Nick]


Creating a Registry


A registry to save the information on entries, exits, exclusions and classification changes that occur in the guild.

The maximum information limit would be 7 days.

Creating new rank


To improve guild organization, I think a new rank can be added without too many problems. Just to differentiate between newbies and fixed members.



- Guild Chat
- can deposit items into storage
- can deposit and withdraw gold in guild storage
- can deposit resources and gold to the Castle Warehouse
- can speed up construction and upgrade of castle buildings
- can instantly finish prodution of items in castle buildings


Same skills as beginners, serving only for differentiation. Make fewer mistakes, such as incorrect expulsion of members. And dispensing with the use of a spreadsheet or derivatives.

Creating guild chat options


Mute All


At certain times, we need some attention from members, such as events and the Guild Vs. Guild.

Therefore, an option to silence would be very useful, allowing only the heirs and the leader to speak during these events. Obviously, an optional option.


Mute members


An option to temporarily prevent certain members from communicating in the guild chat.


Heirs and Leader


New abilities

- mute and unmute all members

- send message in guild chat during mute

- mute and unmute a member

Online Member Count


Simply to find out how many members are online, avoiding manual counting and possible errors.

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