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EU Emerald - ABC Family


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we did all labyrinth bosses except Echidna xD  after medusa only 8 ppl were left coz others had to go


and some ss of our fail at echidna with 8 ppl and the 2nd one is a possible spot to hunt this boss with tanking one red mob  ;D





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Hey Guys,


Did Frostblade or Demoniuks ask in the forum to join the guild?

If they did and I didn't see it, I say YES :D


They didn't post on forum



My votes are yes for both, great DKs and helpful players.

Demo's been my friend for a long time, ever since he was lv13, one of the best ones then.

And Frost is kind and helpful.



But I haven't heard from Frost so I'll pm him when I see him on so we can make sure it's official.

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Demoniuks - asked me if he could join (pm) I said apply on forum and I will speak for your behalf. Idk why he hasn't applied 3days later, either way he gets a big yes from me if he still wanna join.


Frostblade - fellow Scandinavian and never heard anything bad about him. Yes from me.


Seby - I don't know much about you, so I'd say no. But I also don't have a problem with you, so if others want you in its not a problem for me. I just don't know anything about you.

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Wow! Welcome frost!!!


I don't really know Demoniuks but he is always doing astral w/us and seems nice so,yes, from me if he  applies :)


Seby I don't know you so I won't say yes or no because it wouldn't be fair really but, if someone knows you and thinks you're a good person then I have no problems at all :)


And as always, Good Luck guys!

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:diablo:  Lab? Tonight? That is SO tempting!!! I'll go if the server is up ( I haven't checked back) and if Bloody wants to go then yeah, I'm SO there!!!!! 8)  Also...I'll do my best to not get so restless hahah


Welcome to the guild Demoniuks!

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Once again,



When you are done questing or going to be offline for 5-6 hrs or more, most likely before you sleep, Leave the guild to give space for other people who will be doing quests.

It's 100% required that you leave the guild before you go to sleep, you're not gonna miss anything after all and when you log in there will always be free slots, I don't want to kick anyone without informing but that would waste time waiting for you to log in and I think others wouldn't want to do same.

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I introduce myself first, I'm Wan Affiq.


From : Malaysia

Age : 17 years old

Live : Pasir Mas, Kelantan


My character only in EU :

> Axsiv [Rogue] level 20

> Axnec [Necromancer] level 20

> Soulalone [bladedancer] level 20

> Other rest, bank and low lvl char xd


The truth about me :


> I'm not good in English

> I'm not good in comunity conversation, because my english :/ but i will try speaking good english :D

> I always wanna be nice and make y'all happy, laugh if chat with me.

> I try to be great player and helpful people if i'm not busy xd


Time online in Warspear :


> I'm always online at night start 07:30pm - Morning xd.

> I'm always doing quest Irsenort and Swamps.


That little bit about me, and simple introduce for ABC  Guild :)


I'm interesting to join ABC Guild :)

I will be nice people, helpful, respect each other and hardworking to make this ABC Guilds better and great guild in UE-Emerald :)




Regards, Axsiv

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I vote No for Axsiv, sorry guy.

We have had a problem in the past and even though I really can't recall EVERY detail about it he wasn't willing to talk to me about it so we could move past it. Though, other people have spoken for him saying he is a good person.

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@Axsiv impressive intro  :good: but this not mean you get my vote yet... for you to get in the guild you should settle first your prob with cereal killer (nightngale) and try to mingle with other members too...wish you luck mate

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i wanna try my chance about joinin ABC :blush:


Im Can Karataş


From:Turkey City: Antalya



My Characters on EU:


Liqhtr - 20lv Rogue

Darkliqhtr - 18lv Warlock

Niqhtwist - 17lv Shaman

Necroliqht - 13lv Necromancer

Lymiu - 13lv Mage.

(They are my main characters ^^. Btw I have a mage named "Liqhtr" on US  Its lv5)





Readin' books (Classics i prefer)

Playin' MMO games (RPG FPS Strategy doesn't matter ^^)








Flyin' objects



Another infomations about myself: As i said before ingame but I love to usin' female chars cause of costume system ^^. Im bit mad. I love to eatin' snacks and cyclin'. I have 3 cats like me (They are mad too).... That's all what i can say about me (Sorry i can do just this with my english level :( )


I can be online everytime if im not dead or watchin' anime


If you ask me to why do i want to join ABC "Family" They helped me many times without reason and all persons are nice and kind.


Thanks for readin' this little introduce


Regards, Liqhtr

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Just an update, Axsiv did message me and pm'd in game. We are good now.  :)

I think if Axsiv would come along on some the ABC raids it would be a good chance to help out and get to know the ABC Guild then I think I could change my vote.

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who are you


rogue.. spend all day in cave or killing elf, i pvp strongest ppl, like zain, zethu, won bestmaan once(1/3),guess from what people call me, im ''strong''. live in scotland, UK.



dont think u need my personal info.

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we need everything


revengerr, play almost 2years, buy mcoin, 17 y.o, have a shaman and a ranger, good runner crosser, have good eq. sets, have fun with elf at genie by reviving and poting alot. Current guild - Anoymous , gold-1432, mcoin,3, cc-90, ap-1232,

weps - scou glads +9, scou kriss +8, lab sword +9(for sale now) , acute flamberge +8.

set i use most. kw helm kw gloves, arena boots, vest. (+7 all)( runes def/resil) lvl 18 amulet(the one with pent), cloak 17, lab belt with crit resilience. Stats i get from this... (wait i take pic.)

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Epic kratt raid, not a elf standing in our wake. Annihilated stairs xD

I believe quite the number of elves have a bitter taste of ABC in their mouth xD


Thx all for joining the hunt :)


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