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Hola queria reportar al jugador bd eu smerald name decree


deje de jugar y queria vender a mi priest rumpormi y a my bd level 10 kingwolf pero le pase los datos y no pago.no tengo ningun problema por que dejo el juego.pero quiero que bloquear la cuenta de rumpormi la cuenta del bd kingwolf y la cuenta del estafador decree.dejo captura de pantalla.

Screenshot_20200415-144250_Warspear Online.jpg

Screenshot_20200415-145031_Warspear Online.jpg

Screenshot_20200415-151038_Warspear Online.jpg

Screenshot_20200415-151448_Warspear Online.jpg

Screenshot_20200415-152228_Warspear Online.jpg

Gracias a todos a sido 11 años muy divertidos.sois my familia warspear

Gracias a todos.a sido 11años divertidos.sois my familia warspear

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You won't sort such problem out here, and to be completely honest, I'm not sure that you're going to restore your accounts because, on the first side, you shouldn't have sold them


In any other way, please send a ticket to the Support Team through this address: "[email protected]". They might take up to 5 days in order to send you an answer. I bid you a nice day! 

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