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Fail epic lol Discovering a gay :D


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kiyo tell me u whatsapp :cray: :cray: :cray: :cray:


Again  :crazy:
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I know statistics have a great uncertainties when it comes to this but in most reasercu conducted on the Swedish population 4% of men and 2% of women view themselves as homosexuals and 5% of men and 3% of women view themselves as bisexual. Numbers change but they always seem to stay close to these numbers since the 1990s (in Sweden). Why wouldn't HBT people play games? I have family, friends and classmates that are HBT.

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lol its not serious Bloody.

see, sometimes ppl call each other "gay" not to call them homosexual, but to degrade their manliness.

Im not saying I agree with it, but thats just how it is. Ppl use that term to insult each other, sometimes as a joke between friends..


dont give it that much thought

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