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Similar to TankLore's new Expert skills for level 30+ I decided to do new skills for level 13 players. I'm only doing one skill each. So this is my ideas 



Black Javelin: deals increased damage similar to Thorn of Darkness but if a enemy dies a weak skeleton will appear



Skeletal horde: a group of 3x3 skeletons appear at the area the Necromancer chooses, each of them wears poorly kept armor and a sword and shield, but don't under estimate them. The skeletons remains around the same level as the Necromancer



Petrification: A Target the Warlock chooses gets turned to stone (cannot move, attack, or use skills or potions)



Aid of Freaky-Stone: summons a Freaky-Stone to tank for the charmer (Freaky-Stone was a abomination created on Morkatar)


Mountain Clans


War horn: calls for aid from a nearby clans man (Barbarian with 2 handed Axe) 



Hurricane: The shaman calls the spirits to call a Hurricane to attack enemies nearby (similar to Pool of Darkness)



Dirty tricks: the Rogue throws dirt in their enemies eyes, blinding them



War Bear: calls a tanky armored bear to defend the Hunter


I don't know how the Sentinel classes play so I will ask players to make the Sentinel novice skills

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