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Im back from from teh ded. Rip no more


#1 frodo pls staph....

#2 its true

#3 & #4 rip yolomir stark 2014a.d.-420b.c.



too l8 m8 read teh buks






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After looking at #1 pls follow #2 for adequate recovery


#3 i think this is how some ppls feel when they see dark souls memes but never felt teh pain of playing for your first few days




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I got the release date blues

I've been waiting for this pain!!!!

My most honestly biggest hope for TPP is:

We meet F.Jaegar






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Fire is not nullified by any Type.


pardon me, ive been awake for 20 hours


i can at least name situational scenarios where such a case could happen, but yes youre still right

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