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Error c0000409

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Basically running warspear seems to be causing my graphics card to spaz out and pop out c0000409 error message while crashing the game. Found this out now because usually i have straight rebooted my pc because my monitors start losing connection and getting it back again and again. Basically just flashing on and off every 5 seconds or so, my 4k monitor never gets enough data for a whole frame so it just flashes between black and no signal states but my 1080p monitor does get few seconds of usable time between the cuts so figured id unplug my 4k monitor to see what happens and it turns out that worked and it stopped flashing my secondary monitor and i dismissed the error message and plugged my main monitor back in and it seems to work normally now. 

Figured warspear was causing the issues because its the only thing that had crashed after i got full control of the pc again. But then again im not sure. Just thought that could be something to look into.


Pc specs:
AMD Ryzen 3900x
Nvidia rtx 2080 ti (using latest drivers march 23rd 2020)
16 gigs ram
64bit windows 10

This has been going on pretty much since i bought my pc last november.

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