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Ayvondil T5 Guide and Useful Information

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Ayvondil T5 Guide

Before going to the contents, lets break some myths and get answers for some FAQs

Q. Why do you need this guide?
A. Many people don’t know the full information of the latest update of Ayvondil chapter. This guide is one stop place for people to know the crucial information about Ayvondil T5.


Q. Is Ayvondil T5 profitable?
A. Yes absolutely, One can earn a lot through bars, spheres, craft items just by farming elite monsters (green and blue jellyfishes, some 18k hp elites monsters, sea witch minions) which are available in abundance underwater. The 5 bosses in the T5 ayvondil map can be farmed for lvl 30 rare weapons and expert skills. The Raid boss Captain Giant Octopus drops the rarest expert skill i.e. Magic Resistance. Some quests which reward pirate keys with some chance can be focused upon. The Scrolls , weapons which are rewarded from quests can be sold for gold.


Q. Do you need to buy a lot of oxygen tanks to quest underwater?

A. You may need to buy a few oxygen tanks in the starting 3-4 days but later on you wont need to buy as the quests give you enough oxygen vials as reward which never finish. A great way to limit oxygen consumption underwater is using some special potions(available from ship graveyard chests) and scrolls(available from quests).







I myself never exhausted the oxygen vials which i get from just mermen quests. 







Q. Is there a difference between underwater and Ship graveyard?
A. Yes there is difference. Underwater is only applicable to areas submerged in water of T5 sector. While Ship graveyard refers to both underwater and the land areas of T5 sector.


Q. What is the difference between Pirate reputation and mermen reputation of T5? How to get them?
A. Pirate Reputation is required to participate in Dungeon "Sea Tramp's Lair" available in the upper half of Ayvondil map. Mermen Reputation is like a currency required to level up talents and also determines player's speed in underwater. Pirate reputation can be achieved through yellow quests, blue quests of T5 and from Guild Event Assault of the Ship. Mermen Reputation can be achieved through blue quests from NPC on Trade Island( exact middle area of T5map) , GvG Invasion of Chaos Event , Guild Event Descent into a Grotto and from Sea Tramp's Lair Dungeon ( Daily reputation received from dungeon limit: 600)


Q. What is the right way to spend mermen reputation for talents?
A. Efficient way to spend talents is to focus getting 15000 mermen reputation first to get 80% speed in underwater and then start spending extra reputation above 15000 on talents so that you can move at decent speed underwater all the time.


Q. Do I need to max the present talent to move to next talent?
A. No, You don’t have max the talent if u don’t want to. However to move to next talent and further requires unlocking the previous talent(making it level 1).


Q. What are pirate doubloons? What is their use and how to get them?
A. These are special currency that are available at T5 Ayvondil Sector that is used to buy items from an NPC at T5 town. They are used to buy special gears, weapons and some supplies that are useful underwater. Helmet reduces oxygen consumption, Boots increase the movement speed underwater and the weapons deal a lot more damage (due to fury of depth parameter) to the underwater monsters. The pirate doubloons can be obtained through guild events Assault of the Ship, Descent into a Grotto and Treasure chests in Sunken ships.

Q. Do the doubloon weapons deal extra damage in dungeons of T5 like in underwater?
A. No, the doubloon weapons do not deal extra damage in dungeons. The reason being these weapons deal extra damage strictly to monsters only inside the underwater territory and not on land. For the same reason, they do not deal extra damage on the monsters in the Descent into a Grotto Event.

Quest- Monsters and Bosses location Guide

Given Below is a Map of all the monsters and bosses with icons mapped on T5 Ayvondil map. To know what each icons mean, please refer to the legend below.



Type-1 Monsters

These are the collecting-quest(Stocking up) monsters which give pirate reputation. These are available on the upper half of map.
Quest Reward: Chance to obtain Pirate key

a.      Deepwater redfish 

b.      Shining dollarfish

c.      Sharp-toothed rattail  ①ⓒ

Type-2 Monsters

These are also collecting quests(Twilight Flith) monsters which give mermen reputation. These are available on the lower half of map.
Quest Reward: Chance to obtain Pirate key

a.      Snouty Snatchers  

b.      Beam-eyed Anglerfish 

c.      Clawcutter  

d.      Needletooth Drowner  ②ⓓ

Type-3 Monsters

These are minibosses with around 18k hp located on the bottom of map of Sea-Witch minion quests.
Quest Reward: Chance to obtain Pirate key

a.      Shaman of Depths 

b.      Sea Devil

c.      Bloody Priest 

d.      Nightmare Anglerfish 

e.      Relic Lobster 


Type-4 Monsters

These are bosses located in the mid area of ayvondil T5 area. They can be farmed for expert skills, lvl 30 rare weapons and craft items.

a.      Larry Skull

b.      Dany Hook

c.      Drowned Admiral

d.      Old Inker

e.      Levadis Bloody

Raid Boss- Captain Giant Octopus 

Conditions to activate: 30 players required to stand on the plate before the boss. 


- Magic Resistance skill book

- Captain Giant Octopus costume

- unique empower relics

- T5 water elemental and Guardian of Deep Sea Minions

- unity signs

- catalysts, essences and substances

- attack and defence spheres

- precious bars


Full Tutorial of How to kill the Captain Giant Octopus

Guide of Symphony of Twilight Depth Quest:

There are usually 4 ways in which this quest is given. The paths to follow( ①> ②> ③> ④> ⑤) to complete the quest in each pattern are given below:

1. North to South:







2. South to North: 



symphony- South to North.jpg

3. Clockwise:



Symphony- Clock-wise.jpg

4. Anticlockwise



Symphony-- Anti-Clockwise.jpg


Sunken Ship Locations :

These are the locations which contain sunken ships with treasure. However, the treasure chests inside the sunken ships require special pirate key to open them. These keys are usually available from T5 Ayvondil dungeons, some quests of T5, Ship graveyard chests from mcoin shop.

The below map shows all the locations of sunken ship in the Ayvondil T5 territory.




The rewards of treasure chest of sunken ships are:

- Might of the Depths and Absolute Strength skill books

- rare accessories of level 31 with physical/magical power

- unique belts of level 29 

- rare weapons of level 30 

- unique empower relics



Guild Events of Ayvondil T5 sector:

1. Assault Event: This Event is doable if you have atleast 20 players who have average of +8 gears and weapons. 25-30 people are recommended with average of +9 gears with T5 talents. This Event requires killing everything in the area to proceed to the next level and kill the last boss on stage 4 within the time limit.
Reward: Pirate reputation and Pirate Doubloons

Youtube video of how to do the assault event


2. Grotto Event: This Event requires atleast 25 players with a warden as tank to carry the torch and atleast 4-5 mages and 2-3 rangers to participate. The goal of the event is to carry the torch to the end of each stage and burn the vines on last area to enter the next level. The torch carrier has the job to carry the torch all the time while other members must protect the torch carrier from the ads that come to him.
Reward: Mermen reputation and Pirate Doubloons
Youtube Video of how to do the Grotto event

3. Invasion of Chaos Event(GvG) : The main goal of this event is to kill as many monsters as possible before other guilds, to reach a prize place. For each defeated spawn of chaos you will gain points, depending on the strength of the defeated creature. The points are collected by players and added to the guild total. Depending upon each guild total number of points, the rewards are given after the event finishes.  For additional information and detailed guide, please refer to Invasion of Chaos post written by our developers. 

Ship Graveyard- Underwater Talents Information: 

“Underwater Talents” are split into several types, each of which contains specific abilities. These can be obtained by using mermen reputation as currency .You can improve your character’s performance under water, increase your defensive characteristics and resistance to negative effects, as well as gain a temporary advantage on the battlefield in the form of a passive growth of some characteristics. The talents are in game are shown in 3 columns.
I have listed down all the talents column-wise and written the reputation required and Effect at each level in the following tables.


The Reputation required at level up at each level is noted in the table.

Example: The Calm Swimming Talent requires 1200 mermen reputation from Level 2 to Level 3. Therefore, the total reputation required to max Calm Swimming from Unlocking to Level 4 requires  400+800+1200+1600= 4000 repu.















1. The effects listed in the tables are not to be taken directly as some talents require certain conditions to be met to get activated.  Example: Punch attack raises penetration% only when the player is in contact with 5 or more monsters. For detailed working of talents, one can go inside game and check the descriptions of each talent.

2. Each talent unlocking or leveling up requires not only the mermen reputation but also gold. One can easily find out the gold required for leveling a talent by multiplying the reputation required by 2. Example : Calm Swimming talent requires 400 repu to get level 1, therefore necessary gold required is 2x400= 800g.

3. Some talents work in underwater areas only and some talents work on both on land and underwater areas. How to know? Check the description of talent inside game. 
a) If the talent description has Ship Graveyard term--it means the talent works in both underwater as well as on land areas of Ayvondil T5. 
b) If the talent description has Underwater territory term--it means the talent works only in the underwater areas of Ayvondil T5. 


Dangers to watch out while roaming inside underwater.

1. Hydrophobia: This debuff is exclusively seen in the underwater territory. This is debuff applied by some underwater monsters, which blinds the player for a period of time and the player cannot use skills during the debuff.



2. Red Shark Aggression to Bleeding: There is a fish called Red Shark which dwells in almost all the areas of underwater and it is highly sensitive to bleeding. It will get aggroed from even far distance if the player is under bleeding debuff(which are usually applied by some other fishes). The Red Shark deals one hit of high dmg under bleeding coupled with stunning and eventually causes hydrophobia to kill the player.

3. Fish Knight: This fish dwells in the lower half of ayvondil Sector. By any means, the player shouldn’t use control skills. If you use control skills on Fish Knight, it aggroes almost all the monsters in the area to you causing disaster. Player can kill the fish by using auto-attacks to avoid aggression of other fishes in area.


4. Eel Fish: This fish is not dangerous if you are alone in the underwater. But you must take precaution if your party member is in contact with this fish in the area. If you were to approach this fish near your party member, it will stun u infinitely and ultimately kill you.


5. Underwater Ambushes: This type of ambushes is slightly different from the bait quest from T4 sector. These are activated only if the player who has quest approaches the middle of area. They don’t disappear unless the leader monster is killed. So, always watch out for the ambushes activated by players but not killed.

6. Jellyfish Dangers: There are 3 kinds of jellyfish that dwell in the underwater territory and each have their special abilities and are nimble. Players need to watch out for them and kill them as soon as possible if sighted. I will now list down all the 3 kinds of jellyfish below:
 a. Pink Jellyfish-Sea Wasp: This has only 4k hp but it shouldn't be underestimated. It usually exists in same area as Red Shark. It can cause bleeding and hydrophobia debuff. If spotted , it must be killed immediately or else it causes bleeding and thereby attracting Red Shark to the player.

b. Green Jellyfish : This jellyfish has around 14k hp(abit tanky) and causes poisoning and hydrophobia debuff. If a player were to die by green jellyfish, it creates 3 more copies of itself making it difficult for other players to pass through.

c. Blue jellyfish Cyanea :  This jellyfish has 10k hp. It can stun and also cause hydrophobia debuff to the player. This jellyfish is nimble and moves away from player if attack by melee. Stunning the jellyfish first and then killing it is preferred.


As you have seen lot of dangers lurking in the underwater territory of T5, player is advised to use atleast 2 pcs of resist armor and enchant resist runes on helmet and boots to resist all kinds of debuff and also level up talents to develop resistance against the dangers.

I hope this guide will be useful for all the players and wish for all the players to master Ayvondil T5 Sector. For basic information about Ayvondil T5 Sector, Players can go through the information from preview and release posts written by our developers.

Thank you



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14 hours ago, Sai Chandra said:

Red Shark Aggression to Bleeding: There is a fish called Red Shark which dwells in almost all the areas of underwater and it is highly sensitive to bleeding. It will get aggroed from even far distance if the player is under bleeding debuff(which are usually applied by some other fishes). The Red Shark deals one hit of high dmg under bleeding and eventually causes hydrophobia and stun to kill the player.

and for this, the shark will deal attacks with higly increased pene and critical dmg, hyfrofobia its an normal feature of the redshark, stun only applies when u have bleeding on you. so for a summary when you're under bleeding it will have incerased pene, critical dmg and chance to stun.

14 hours ago, Sai Chandra said:

Eel Fish: This fish is not dangerous if you are alone in the underwater. But you must take precaution if your party member is in contact with this fish in the area. If you were to approach this fish near your party member, it will stun u infinitely and ultimately kill you.

in this chase the eel will need the eel to sap you 3 times before the stun (you can notice from the "thunder debuff") and at each sap it deals dmg (i still havn't found the type of dmg)

14 hours ago, Sai Chandra said:

Jellyfish Dangers:

them all also have an special behaivor, when attacked by an melee weapon user, they will run away and attack ranged for some time and if the melee player insists it will stop. instead with ranged weapon users, it will instatly rush in melee figth. in ranged attack they will posses less attack speed than thier melee form.

14 hours ago, Sai Chandra said:

Red Shark Aggression

remember that in all location were the shark is present theres also an enemy capable to bleed wich is in almost all areas, i only found 4 exceptions

thats all for now


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On 1/9/2021 at 12:41 AM, Drakoknight said:

I'm trying to find deep-water harpooners and needle tooth fish

for Deep-water redfish , u can use following symbol in map. 

On 3/18/2020 at 12:59 AM, Sai Chandra said:

a.      Deepwater redfish 

P.S: Harpooners is a t5 pirate bait quest


Please find this in map for needletooth fish

On 3/18/2020 at 12:59 AM, Sai Chandra said:

d.      Needletooth Drowner  ②ⓓ


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On 2/22/2021 at 8:21 AM, adywijaya said:

is Sunken Ship same as Wrecked Ship ? because i want to finish achievment

  • underwater adventure

-it says must visit all wrecked ship within one game session.




Yes, They are same. You can use the map provided in the guide to find all the sunken/wrecked ship locations. ⛴️

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