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Crimson corondum quests





I finished Shadow of Berengar yesterday.  :dirol:


I finished the Crimson corondum quests the first day.

Now I want to do Crimson corondum quests again but I cant find anyone to get the quest.

Do I allways get those quests from Kamp riff and Ghost village?

I cant find anyone that gives Crimson corondum quest.

Help please  :mega_shok:




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Guest Mioco

Currently, 2 quests per day.


Crimson Corundum. New game currency that player will earn by performing daily tasks in a dungeon, "Hidden sanctuary" designed for the passage in a group. You can buy the gear worn by characters in the game, and which was not previously available to players: turbans, dresses, magicians hats, helmets with horns, masks and more. Starter quests of this chain are available after the quest "Shadows of Berengar" (Sentinells), or "Berengar's six shadows " (Legion). NPCs, issuing the first quest are Arnold (Kamp-Riff) and Helg (Camp of Legion).

Helg/Arnold gives 1 quest

and Gwido gives 1 quest

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