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Map 1 dungeon drops


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First dungeon of every island is the level 7 one can drop rare accessories (i believe the level of these are always same as recommended level for the dungeon but i could be wrong), minions, crafting resources and other items such as bars and spheresNäyttökuva (36).png



second dungeon, level 9 ones can rare accessories, minions, crafting resources and valuables (baes,spheres etc...)


Näyttökuva (37).png


3rd one is level 10 one and it can drop unique equipment (they have purple names), minions, crafting resources and valuables (spheres, bars etc...)Näyttökuva (38).png

4th one is recommended for lvl 11 and it can drop unique gear,minions,crafting resources and valuables

Näyttökuva (39).png

5th one is for level 12 and it can drop unique weaponry, minions, common empowering relics,crafting resources or valuables

Näyttökuva (30).png

thanks @Zurp for the idea 

for map 1 boss locations and what they can drop check these guides


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just checked this while moving and noticed that this guide is old enough to feature all 5 original map 1 dg drops and since 2 dgs from every beginner island have been removed 

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