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What about make a pre-set loadout buttons that consent you to instantly switch gears?

For example you preset one loadout with full pve gears and one with full pvp gears to don't waste time to change gears if u need to kill a real player or a boss after u killed a player

(There is ppl has many different gears and actually switch set takes too much) @Akasha @Holmes

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8 minutes ago, Peony said:

Yes, it's a good idea, but it's quite difficult to realize in our game, so I can't promise. But I hope we can think of something!

As players we hope it too, something like that would be appreciated from everyone for sure

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A similar problem is skills, one set was lost when the professions had 2-3 expert skills, with 9 and additional 5 basic skills, it is a big problem and one set of skills is not enough, books to change skills are quite expensive, it blocks the creativity of players and boldness in creating new sets. For example, new classes, charmer or seeker, have great opportunities that are taken from the other side, books would still make sense, it would work in a similar way as now, we would have 2 sets, so to reset both we would need 2 books, you could to choose which set to reset, it would give a breath of fresh air and encourage players to play both pvp and pve, most classes have completely different skill builds in pvp and pve.

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