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I would like to suggest that you place a gold shop, the most used currency in the game. In my opinion, this will contribute to you and the players. With the gold shop, you would break the gold sellers you have in the game, and help you get gold in a faster way, even if in the game itself, even though it is the most used currency, it is not easy to get together very quickly . it takes a lot of time to get a good amount to buy a rare item, which may have a very high value.Many do not have time to get so much Gold in the game, the process is slow and the return is little, it is a good suggestion, I hope an answer if it helped you or not. 🤗

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On 3/5/2020 at 7:19 PM, Zurp said:

This would just mean that f2p players wouldn't get any mcoin items anymore. If you need fast gold just sell signs cheaper than other people. 🙂 

Exactly, that is why im against this idea.


However, Im in favor for the idea to trade currencies. You knows gold for Miracle coins or Gold for CC's etc.



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