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Legion and Sentinels equal


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The Legion has always been inferior to the Sentinels. I and many on the Warspear discord agrees that we should be equal so please make the Legion is equal to the Sentinels

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trust me, achive balance is impossible unless the sides posses the same classes, one way is to make an counterpart of one class but with different name of skills and graphics, as example lets take the deathknigth (forsaken) wich could have an chosen counterpart wich could be an templar 

skill rename example:

thorns of darkness - blow of justice

exalation of darkness - ligth echanting

threads of darkness - templar's attraction 

<cant remember the dk's agro skill im sorry> - disraction

darkshield - templar's barrier

expert skills (few of them)

death call - ligth aura

secret reserve - return

blood protection - ligth protection

saturation - life equilibration

and so on the skill counterparts would just work the same and with the same power, it would allow an balance of the sides since both of them will have the same classes its just unbalance between the faction bonuses but its gonna be an lowkey unbalance 

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This is a suggestion not a rant please elves just recked us in battle for territories and it's not even fair 

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