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The Mercs (Lvl 12) <This is Mercs>

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Im happy to introduce the mercenaries clan or as short THE MERCS  :aggressive: Its for ELF/CHOSEN in the US sapphire realm :) :give_rose: This clan is based on helping other people who requires special kinds of help like doing chainless, help at pvp from personal gankers, war fights, hunting, getting them to far astral bosses for a price.



To join THE MERCS pm zeusxelie in game and apply to the clan site using this link http://themercs.guildlaunch.com



step1: create a guild launch account if u dont have one step2: click apply which is located in this page http://themercs.guildlaunch.com WHEN U APPLY TO THE CLAN U MUST READ THE MERCS RULES (to become a MERC u must agree with them)http://themercs.guildlaunch.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=9513660&p=34047188&gid=320854#34047188 THERULES_zps777cd19d.png There will be ranks for each member in the clan as listed in the following: (more ranks will be added depending how many members)

  • Low Ranks :                      Newbies :crazy:
  • Meduim Ranks :              Explorers :dirol:
  • High Ranks : HEIR / Colonel :diablo: 
  • Assassins of Assassins:    This rank will only be given to 5 special people who will be a party named as the S.W.A.T.  :bomb:
  • Mercenary Guild Leader (MGL)  :spiteful:

Alot of people needs help in chainless or pvp cave ganking.. but when all ur friends r off and u need assistant who do u call? Just pm the MGL (Mercenary Guild Leader) ill send u one or more of my guys to assist u for an amount of gold.. if the mercenary wasnt succesfull in his mission ull get full refund..  :give_rose: If a MERC fails 3consecutive missions he will be expelled from the clan  :crazy: The MERCS will be sent on missions according to the MGL.. To join the clan there will be a Training Kill Mission to succefully join and become an Enlistee at first.  :good: BENEFITS OF BEING IN THE MERCS CLAN:


THE MERCS recruits are: (for more info http://themercs.guildlaunch.com/roster.php?roster_mode=&gid=320854 ) PERSONAL PRIZES: (check http://themercs.guildlaunch.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=9385405&gid=320854) Features and Achievments : Features

SWAT_zps4af713be.gif Achievments Achievements and Medalscrazy-monkey-emoticon-006_zps860f48be.gif**MORE MEDALS LATER**

  • I was born to be a leader IwasborntobeaLeader_zpsfa75e8cd.jpg
  • Last Man Standing LastManStanding_zpsae4036a7.jpg
  • I am a SWAT IamaSWAT_zps56e74b49.jpg
  • Killing Spree Champ KillingSpreeChamp_zpsa969e686.jpg
  • Runs like the Wind RunsliketheWind_zps244eb64a.jpg
  • The Bodyguard TheBodyguard_zpsed39a444.jpg
  • Troll Champ TrollChamp_zps00687f3b.jpg there are levels for this medal each lvlup will increase the bonus by 10%, only if u get win this medal twice in a row it will up lvl, if u lose it someone else will gain this medal. the bonus 10% increases ur killing points by adding 10% to ur total

Points, Stars, Missions, Rewards, and achievments or anything related to MERCS features can online be disscussed by the MGL or the colonel only any other member cannot give or change any of these features or argue about them*** :diablo: THE BLACKLIST                  crazy-monkey-emoticon-063_zps23bda93c.gif

  • acidtrip
  • pvpshaman
  • kernlabba
  • hoppz
  • rokzz

THE ALLIED LIST: crazy-monkey-emoticon-003_zps8375cfb5.gif

  • ABN


id love to join... You seem really nice and it seems like a comrade Guild But my bds low level atm And i assume u guys dont accept low levels

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id love to join... You seem really nice and it seems like a comrade Guild But my bds low level atm And i assume u guys dont accept low levels

yes sry :/ for events,tournies,games,competitions,dungeons and storyline purposes lvl22+ cant have members missing out of 1% of guild activity events and soon guild castle update

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MvM videos


Group D Mrskrillex vs Hipertico

Group F Xredbird vs Hihinice


+ there is a contest for US Sapphire players


Free slot contest:
Warspear THEMERCS (US Sapphire) Merc vs Merc competition
We are having a contest also for non Mercs, comment ur in any MvM video at youtube and subscribe to the channel Warspear THEMERCS to have a chance to win a slot in the current tournament, we will pick randomly 1 name for this tournament by randomizing a full list of names who commented
Video of random withdraw will be posted here on sunday/monday be online sunday or monday to get invited ty :)
pm zeusxelie/sharpheals/swagathero in game if having problems or any questions
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I just watched the fight between xredbirdx and hihinice. I also saw your rules too. 20 seconds is too much, as you can see bladedancer has no chance against a druid like that.

yes 20sec is too much but it was putted for bd,pala,mage and ranger running away, a healer wont run for more than 8 sec without hitting

hihinice could have done better if he had better magic def and used rush n ham perfectly

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yes 20sec is too much but it was putted for bd,pala,mage and ranger running away, a healer wont run for more than 8 sec without hitting

hihinice could have done better if he had better magic def and used rush n ham perfectly


Yes, I also saw that now. But still, the healers moves back, around 2-3 seconds everytime I'm not sure. And even that makes it nearly impossible. A bladedancer won't be able to use the skills or to be able to move. Druid can heal a very high amount at a time. So everytime bladedancers tries to run or catch it is for nothing. The druid will just heal back.

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New Youtube Contest:


Record a funny or romance or horror or anykind of theme u see is good of a mini video which should

include the following:

*Your Character regardless if mc or elf

*At least 1 member or more of THEMERCS guild US Sapphire

*A little story


Make a mini video of 1-5min, should have a story behind it u can talk real voice in it or include text

or maybe funny music or action music depending how u want the video to be, try to be creative as much

as u can, the more creativity in the video the better chance of u winning.





Ur an mc, u ganked a member of THEMERCS in a funny way and u recorded,edit n upload it

Ur an elf, u went on a dungeon with 3 members of THEMERCS and had action scenes, record, edit n upload it.


How to join:


After u have your video ready and edited, upload it to your channel of youtube and comment a link of your

video in my channel Warspear THEMERCS https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZElH91kOlJaXks5v64lvRQ

u can comment in any of the videos in my channel, i will watch each video carefully and judge fairly





There is no rules, anything is allowed, anyone can join even if hes already a member of THEMERCS

the only limit is ur creativity.





1 Winner will be picked by zeusxelie aka me, will receive 100k elf side gold

There will also be many secondary prizes for whos videos has great stories.




I will close to contest on Saturday 28/2/2015 thats at the end of this month u have till u record,

edit and upload your video, dont forget to comment a link of your video to enter the contest.

I will pick the 1 winner and give prizes to most of u guyz in between 5-10th/3/2015 depending how many videos

there will be :D


After i picked the 1 winner and the others who will receive secondary prizes, i will post them in a video

that will be uploaded at Warspear THEMERCS channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZElH91kOlJaXks5v64lvRQ



Because this is the first video contest THEMERCS doing, i will accept 2 videos/channel :)

U can have as many channels as u want i dont care no rules :D no duplicate videos allowed ofc ;)

I will contact you for the prizes, if you have any questions please ask here


If u gona include real life voice or text, please keep it ENGLISH only



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