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Mountain Renegade

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The Warrior of the mountain clan, called Thinor, is known as the Forsaken, desolate and forgotten.
of the berengar line, the warrior of GODGORRATH fought for the conquest of the people of the mountain clan, was praised for being one of the best warriors, but Berengar the old man. he did not like the Renegade trying to take his place, and then banished him by expelling him to the most distant corners of GODGORRATH, and soon without knowing the Renegade he went into fury and obsessive hatred for vigilance.
But it was too late the Renegade had been cursed to live in life in GODGORRATH forever suffering in life.
It is rumored that the people of GODGORRATH spotted the last time, leaving the depths of the Cave clutched in the island of the Mountain clan.




My dream was that this costume would be recreated in the game. 



baldur warspear.png

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1 hour ago, Drakoknight said:

Why not reupload it next contest? I love this costume idea

i'm pretty sure costumes have to be new so you can't  just participate in every contest with the same costume until it wins because costume contest rules say 

It’s forbidden to:

  • Make a full copy of existing superhero costumes, cinema and game heroes.
  • Change colors of costumes from Warspear Online. For example, paint White costume of Chosen green.
  • Use other’s and downloaded from the Internet artworks.

and technically you could download it from previous year

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