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Patahhati was passed away


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Dear Patahatti,



We have talked since years, since I began this game. We had really fun times together, I remember when you let us farm at Medusa and not killing us just like other mc... You were one of the best person I have ever met in this game. You never attacked us elf while we had quest to make and more... I never thought this could ever happen.



You were a great friend a great player and you will never be forgetten. Wherever you are, I will never forget you.



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I still remember meeting her at Nadir  during the early days of the game can't forget a sweet person like her maybe our prayers didnt reach her hope it reaches her child so he could be wonderful as daisy was we shall always miss you Daisy Thank you for a wonderful time !

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Guest XthekingX

R.I.P In Peace


Hope you in Good Place  :cray:

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I never met her. But all i know that she is a good player. Not a greedy type one. So yeah. God will show her the way.


PS. God is never cruel. He is always good. It's just that this good player has done her service in this world.  ::)



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