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[2020.02.22] Happy Arinar Defender’s Day!

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Brave warriors!


We want to congratulate you, the prime heroes of our world, with the upcoming holiday — Happy Arinar Defender’s Day! We value your devastating strength, reliable protection and incredible endurance. And wish that luck would forever follow you in your travels and successful battles warm your soul. Let all roads end in victories and any endeavors bring good rewards!


And for every height to be conquered by your courage and tenacity, we offer a 50% discount on all Relics in the Miracle Shop. Stand fast in any battle!


Also for the duration of the celebration, the amount of Imperials of Greatness received for daily rewards in the Arena 5x5 mode will be tripled. Fight and win!


The deal starts on 21.02 at 23:00 CET and will last till 24.02 23:00 CET


Good luck!


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If i didn't have a smartphone i couldn't play.  In Linux (debian based) i can't play and its all because Aigrind don't want to spend money in the improvement of the servers capacity.


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Please, use normal sized letters
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Please let's support our team instead of being offensive. Because negative attitutde won't solve the problem any faster. For God sake, we don't gain anything with servers down either.


The specialists are working to fix the problems as soon as possible. We appreciate your comprehension and sincerely apologise.



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