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[2020.02.21] The Carnival in Arinar has opened its doors!

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Arinar always bids farewell to its winters spectacularly, because that’s the time for the traditional Carnival that will astonish you with its splendor! We offer you to join the massive procession, have lots of fun and receive celebratory rewards: rare costumes and skins, hairstyles, smileys and other boons. As per tradition, the event will take place on Irselnor. Hurry, everyone is invited!


Vivid colours, expressive dancing, loud songs — that’s how the Carnival is described by Arinar’s inhabitants to those who hasn’t yet been there. But it is always better to see something once, than to hear about it a thousand times!  Because whoever already took part of the celebration once doesn’t need any more convincing — they will never miss out on this great entertainment! 


Travel to Irselnort, help with organizing the Carnival and get into the celebratory mood!


Dynamic world event “Carnival”


You have to complete 6 stages of  the fun dynamic world event. Your goal is to prepare everything you’ll need for a successful Carnival and to not let the King Momo's look-alike disrupt the holiday.


Any players of level 5 or higher that were present at the territory of the event completion for no less than 30 seconds at the moment of its completion will receive the reward:


1st stage: Ruby Jewelry Box and Greatness of life buff - it increases character’s maximum health by 5% (maximum number of buffs: 3 - 15%)


стадия 1.gif


2nd stage: Amber Jewelry Box and Greatness of spirit buff - it increases character’s maximum energy by 10% (maximum number of buffs: 3 - 30%)


стадия 2.gif


3rd stage: Topaz Jewelry Box and Healing practice buff - increases healing effect of items for the character by 10% (maximum number of buffs: 3 - 30%)


стадия 3.gif


4th stage: Emerald Jewelry Box and Battle rage buff - increases the damage done by character’s critical auto attacks by 10% (maximum number of buffs: 3 - 30%)


стадия 4.gif


5th stage: Sapphire Jewelry Box and Unstoppable doublet buff - increases character’s chance to deal a double critical hit during the auto attacks against the monsters by 10% (maximum number of buffs: 3 - 30%)


стадия 5.gif


6th stage: Tourmaline Jewelry Box and Gladiator’s power buff - increases Arena points obtained by the character by 30% (maximum number of buffs: 1) - if 5th stage was completed.


стадия 6.gif


Each jewelry box may contain the unique Carnival Hairstyle, collectible smiley or other festive item:

  • Common empowering relics
  • Signs of Imperishability
  • Unique minions
  • Small Gladiator Elixirs, Unity Potions and Elixirs of Knowledge
  • Potions and scrolls
  • Precious bars

The jewelry box for the last stage will be the most desired one, because only it can contain the celebratory King Momo costume


Restart time - on schedule: 02:05, 06:05, 10:05, 14:05, 18:05, 22:05 CET


Exclusive items in Miracle Shop


Legendary Carnival Chest


For the duration of the celebration, the Miracle Shop will stock the unique cache, containing incredibly vivid and beautiful costumes and skins. To remind you, you can always overview the entire list of items by pressing on the chest.



  • Warrior of the Southern Lands
  • Carnival Patron
  • Heavenly Scout
  • Caatinga's Ghost
  • Peacock Princess
  • Selva’s Goddess
  • Cangaceiro
  • Carnival Shaman
  • Carnival King
  • Carnival Queen
  • Carnival Dancer
  • Terreiro Priestess


  • Tomahawk of Carnival Madness
  • Falchion of Carnival Madness
  • Labrys of Carnival Madness
  • Spadone of Carnival Madness
  • Caduceus of Carnival Madness
  • Recade of Carnival Madness
  • Bow of Carnival Madness
  • Arbalest of Carnival Madness
  • Pavise of Carnival Madness



But how could the Carnival do without minions! You can be sure, active and passive skills of those minions, that earned the trust of Arinar’s warriors last year, will help protect you in any battle:


Summon Cuca

  • instantly restores a certain amount of health of a character (active skill);
  • increases the character's skill cooldown speed for some time (active skill);
  • deals magical damage to the enemy and adds negative Stun effect for some time (active skill);
  • increases health and energy regeneration of a character for all time of the minion’s life (passive skill).

Summon Curupira

  • instantly rushes towards the enemy and deals physical damage (active skill);
  • deals magical damage to the enemy with an element of chance and adds negative Stun effect for some time (active skill);
  • deals physical damage to the enemy and decreases his physical and magical defense for some time (active skill);
  • increases the character's Penetration and Critical Hit parameters for all time of the minion’s life (passive skill).

Carnival starts February 21th at 13:00 CET and ends March 2th at 12:00 CET.

стадия 6.1.gif


We wish you lots of luck and drops!


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I read what you edited!

Shame on you! :huh:

These were my personal thoughts.

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