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Warspear music


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Warspear song from cave:

Warspear song from battle\arena:


Warspear song from Chosen town Map:


Warspear song from Forsaken town Map:


Warspear song from Firstborn Map:


Main Warspear theme:


Warspear song from Irselnort\Map2:


Warspear song from Swamp town:


Warspear song from Swamp:


Chosens nature theme:


Warspear song from mountain clans town:


Mountain clans nature theme:



All copyright to Aigrind,i do not own nothing.


Thank you Aigring for this beautyful songs.


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Thank you for this! :yahoo:  I was afraid the sound quality would be terrible but it turned out to be pretty good! Now that the music has been removed for whatever reason, I will be playing these on repeat for hours every day :blush:





+1 and possibly a subscription on YouTube :P

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Warspear music *cave* ---- cave



Warspear music battle ---- battle



Warspear chosen---- Chosen



Warspear Forsaken----Forsaken



Warspear Firstborn----Firstborn



Sorry,that was all what i catch to record since today music was gone again.

SFBE(sorry for bad english xD)




yaaayyy ;D!  :yahoo:


thanks!!! u are amazing haha  ;D

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  could u :l and enjoy music?


lol i recorded them all theyre very nice bt i wnt understaned some of the names of musics
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i do remember this music, but its of another game, music stolen from runescape :shok: ? but im confused  :unknw: cuz i didnt play it long time.i do remeber runescape having similar music at diffrent places  :sorry:

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what not making sense, every map has  theyr own song, but new map wont right? that was just a theory...


Are you talking about Ayvondil? Music is not up yet. It has been added and removed several times.
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