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Deep Diver


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Deep Diver

The Underwater Town in Avondyl brought me inspiration for the latest costume for Warspear. The skin of the costume is made from the deadly needletooth fish. The skin of the needletooth fish is crafted together to make the "Deep Diver" Costume. The needles of the needletooth fish are used again to keep other fishes away from him. The costume helmet is made of the pearls that can be found near the mermens of the Depth teretory. Giving the diver clear underwater vision to survive longer in the underwater world. Every pirate from the thunderbird port knows this costume, and they all are all aware that it is the best costume to survive these dark and wet places of the underwater world of Avondyl. 


By Dun from EU-Emerald





rift diver.jpg



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11 hours ago, XreaperX said:

Question: do we also need to make side picture and back picture of it?


The contest doesn't require that. A frontal pic shall be enough. 

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