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Banshee is the dark queen, she has a scary face with rotten teeth, she wears rags and has bloody red eyes that are full of hate that looking directly into them will cause immediate death, her mouth is always open as her piercing scream torments the souls of the living.

Even worse than her fearsome look, her unworldly song.

Banshee's wail is a melody of pure death which drains her unfortunate victims of all life and hope, even her loud scream can stun you forever till death.




Here is the Banshee costume





Both sides






Hope you like it.





Edited by Ahmedic
Adding the costume
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53 minutes ago, Ahmedic said:

Yeah it seems to be a boss more than costume, but if u liked it I'll work to fit the costume too.


The point here is as first to stick to the rules. I really like it bro, but it is among my duties to warn you about possible scenarios, and to invite you to put a sort of remedy as long as you're in time. 

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