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[2020.02.07] Three days left till the end of the World Creation holiday: 50% discount on festive smileys and hairstyles and also +50% for buying 1000+ Miracle Coins!


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This year you had to face an incredibly powerful villain, who was not so easy to chase away. But you proved to be great heroes!

And, in honor of the World Creation Holiday’s end, hot offer from White Beard is waiting for you! Only in the last days of the Snow Boundary you will be able to purchase unique souvenirs, which will soon disappear from the Miracle Shop along with the winter island, with a discount. So hurry up!


The 50% discount applies to items in the "New and Noteworthy" category:

  • Smileys Collections: "Unicorns", "Festive Kolobki", "Keeper of World Creation", "Jolly Penguins" and "Winter"
  • Barber's Kits: Christmas Hair Stylist Set, Polar Barber's Kit, Snow Barber's Kit

Also, don't forget about traditional Friday deal: this weekend receive a 50% bonus with every Miracle Coins purchase (except SMS service)!


ATTENTION! This bonus will only be active for purchases of more than 1000 Miracle coins.


Deals start: 07/02/2020 15:00 CET

Deals end: 10/02/2020 10:00 CET


Have a nice weekend and good luck!


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Give us something new, I don’t have any more feelings to continue play,

atleast lvl 30 nadir set idk, I don’t ask much just a number of stats :forever_alone:


and skill rework + newest ones, since they was promised for autumn :pokerface_2:

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Just now, Kazakus said:

and skill rework + newest ones, since they was promised for autumn :pokerface_2:


You had a skill rework already


For the new set of skill, I can agree with you. 

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