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Scavenger Hunt I


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Hey this is a mini game im doing very easy

Story:  Warspear is filled with items which people forgot about them.. A dragon invaded my home town i require smart players to find me 3items so i can make a potion to cast it on the dragon and defeat him.. :cray: Elfs and Chosen ur journey awaits ill reward u greatly who brings me the 3items first ill be waiting u at town 1 gasphal at map2 :tease:

How to play: U are required to find these 3items which can be located in all of map2 in elf section 'NOT MC' use ur memory and knowledge to find them, the 3items are : [Damaged Eye] + [Ghostly Bile] + [Copper Boar Meat] :search:

Prize: 3signs u will receive after u give me the 3items :clapping:

Time: U got 1hour before the dragon destroyes my home town and than all hope will be lost :cray:


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CONGRATS winner of Scavanger Hunt I  :drinks: Katharine  :good: next game will be soon maybe tommorow gdluck and have fun  :tease:



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It was a great battle  :diablo: but the dragon was too weak when i used the potion and my home town is saved  :give_rose:

I see your holding out on the good stuff aka the 219k gold


and hopzz i just gave 4% worth of my gold ofc im not gona break myself and give all my gold  :search:


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you have storyline behind too ;D Laloo


TY so much.You asked i am having fun or not. My answer is yes i do. It is something challenging,something surprsing and adventure.and i like it.


But today task was easy i mean you just gave 3 signs.i think you should make game difficult level in next.

Ty so much again.

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