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New Mini Game Unleashing !!!


Ur Rating to the Mini Games :)  

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  1. 1. Ur Rating to the Mini Games :)

    • i loved the first and this one sounds great too :)
    • i didnt like the first but this sounds zool :P
    • i dont like mini games xD
    • first time i hear of these mini games i will check them :D

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After the succesfull result of the mini game "Find Me!! Win Me!!" :blush:

I worked on releasing a more challenging mini game easy to play like the other its name is "Scavenger Hunt" :search:

How to play very easy  :tease: when i post the game ill post 3items u must find them in warspear they can be drops from adds, flowers, mushrooms or anything that is not required to buy using gold  :crazy:

U must go out there and discover the world of warspear in order to Hunt ur 3items who find them first and come to my location (ill post where ill be waiting)

and shows me in exchange that he got the 3items he will get his reward (reward: most likely signs or chests or gold)  :lol:

Ill start "Scavenger Hunt I" today in 30-60min ill post it on US Sapphire forum  :give_rose:

and sry i dont have gold on mc side so this is gona be an elf/chosen territory  :friends:

(Please leave ur comments about the mini games have fun  :blush:  )


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[move] :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: [/move]

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Glad to see you bringing something fun into the game :clapping: Nice job!


ty kupi ^^ and deviruchi i cant give costumes im not a rich guy :)
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