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Could you imagine about guild in w.s?

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Some gamers know a lot about guild system in some mmo with great and perfect guild sytem, how do you expect it when it comes to w.s? Could you tell and imagine how does it work? Any guild depots? Guild rank? Reward? Guild war? Or just noob guild system? Let's see, how developers create new guild and look about the system.

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I have these questions too. I thought it would be explained fast because of the contest. I didn't even started to create something because i don't know what a guild means for warspear.


I am thinking of guild-quests, guild-achievements, guild-rankings, guild-bonusses, a new island for these quests only for guilds, etc. So, what is a guild in warspear?


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Yeah, although I don't expect every single feature to be present at launch I do hope it's more than just the guild chat. And ofc we can't have rankings either without achievements....or maybe the devs will unveil a really unique guild system in WS. In any event, can hardly wait for 3.5. :yahoo:


P.S. If you're looking for a guild to join and you are a Sentinel in EU-Emerald, you can go check out the League of Shadows. :give_rose:

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