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Amber Benny Olivechallman

is eu sever dieing opinion s plz

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hey all

i hav play since 2013 and hav played everyday since i started and it is scary the small amout of players in eu these days there is mayb 20 ppl map2 now days when i was begin the map was well populated ppl everywhere questing farming now its dead selling item takes foreva so dose finding a pt for quest like eg: bg tower

this is a game wat needs population with out that theres no game there many youtube vids saying the same from 2 yrs ago :0/

i dnt want this game to end or severs to die 

is there somthing we can do ????

advertising like other game s mayb !!¡¡


how do u feel about the population in EU sever ? 


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Less people on islands doesn't mean necessarily less people on the game. Sure, many players have quit but right now, for example, many are also at Snow Boundaries Island. Either way they might be at Ayvondil. 


I don't think that the server is dead. 

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All English server is dying (idk about Russian server)... Only high level players who are at 28 or higher are available but also decreasing...that's the reality

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